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that's only $3.00 per LIVE mindset & fitness session!
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Daily Live and Interactive Coaching & Fitness Workouts

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What is the Daily FitFam?

The Daily FitFam is an incredible global online community who come together from all over the world at the same commitment call time everyday Monday to Friday for 20 to 30 minutes to work on their fitness and their mindset.

Watch the video below to hear from me why the Daily FitFam is the one for you! 


The Daily FitFam Program

*No risk 7 days money back guarantee*

Registrations closed for now (sorry you missed us) Next launch January 2023


That’s only $3.00 per LIVE mindset & fitness session!

A great opportunity to bond with sisters around the globe

What our lovely members are saying about the Daily FitFam Program…

Testimonial from Ghazala
Down 40 lbs for the first time in 20 years, and feeling her best!

Age with grace and confidence

Considering the many roles women play in society, they want to remain healthy and fit for themselves and their families. While working out on their own may sound appealing, without support, maintaining consistency and accountability can be challenging. 
As a mother, wife, daughter and sister, I totally feel you.
I know it is important for you to fill your cup first so that you can be there for your loved ones.

I am here to help you achieve the mobility and agility you need to age with grace and confidence.

Hello and Welcome! I am Jia Jamali...

Founder of the Daily FitFam

As a mindset coach, fitness instructor and a mother, I understand the value of taking care of myself physically, mentally & spiritually. 

With this holistic approach to overall wellness, and my extensive knowledge and experience of the fitness industry, I have helped many of my clients become better versions of themselves.

Join the Daily FitFam to take control of your life and make a huge positive difference in 2023. I am ready to help you achieve your goals. Are you ready to make the step? If the answer is a resounding Yes, signup to the Daily FitFam today!

An empowering and non-judgemental online space

Being a Mindset Coach, I know how important it is for women to feel supported in their wellness journey. My biggest win with the Daily FitFam is the live interactive coaching. I provide a non-judgemental online space where women not only work out together but feel safe to be vulnerable and share their struggles. Together, we are able to build our inner resilience knowing that we have a strong support system in one another.

Choose your timeslot

Both my morning and evening sessions come with 7 days money back guarantee.


11:00am EST

For the morning risers who like to kickstart their day with exercise to get the adrenaline pumping. 

Registrations closed for now (sorry you missed us) Next launch January 2023


7:00pm EST

For the evening people who like to get their workouts after a long day at work.

Registrations closed for now (sorry you missed us) Next launch January 2023

Key Highlights of the Daily FitFam

Daily LIVE workout with interactive coaching

What does it include:

Online community of sisterhood

What does it include:

Exclusive Monthly Guides on Wellness

Frequently Asked Questions

Although these workouts are LIVE streamed, we do have an online library of recorded sessions, for those times when you miss a LIVE due to unforeseen circumstances. The concept behind doing this LIVE, is to enhance member commitment to the same time every day. We want our clients to treat their session time like an important appointment with themselves.
Although you are not required to keep your cameras turned on during the workouts, if you want me to check your form, keep you accountable, then you can certainly turn your camera on! I love to see my clients working hard 🙂
All memberships are for a duration of one month. You can pay upfront for the year and get two months off, or pay per month. This means you will be granted 20-22 workouts per month. Once you register for a monthly membership, it will automatically renew and you do not need to worry about paying each time. You cannot cancel membership for 6 months after registering.
If you miss a LIVE session, you can always follow along to a recorded video in our Library. We do have a membership upgrade option, which allows you to access BOTH morning and evening networks. Simply notify us and we can give you more details.
Memberships are per household. If all members reside in the same home, and sign in from one device, one membership suffices access for both.
Please note that weight loss is different for each client, based on their body composition, metabolism, food intake, stress levels and other factors. We choose not to make weight loss the only focus with these workouts, but instead celebrate NON-SCALE VICTORIES such as, higher energy levels, increased strength, lost inches and overall better mood! The weight loss that naturally happens with this process is merely a BONUS! Shifting our mindsets and approaching fitness while loving the bodies we are in, yields lasting lifestyle changes! Having said this, our clients have reported losing 40 lbs in 5 months, 20 lbs in 3 months and 10 lbs 6 weeks. Your results depend on your commitment to this program.

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Special Bonuses


Daily Check-ins

After each workout, we will check-in as a group. It is a great opportunity for you to reflect on how you went with the workout for the day, reflect on recurring patterns which pop up and identify areas for improvement. This is a time when we can come together and share our wins, or our struggles. Truly a remarkable way to come together with like-minded women.

Value: Priceless


Access to Everyday Experts Group

We are all experts at something so I have created this group within the Daily FitFam network for members to promote their business services.  

Value: Priceless

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you workout with the Daily FitFam and don’t fall in love with the fitness coaching sessions and resources I share inside…

I’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

Simply notify us within 7 days of registration, and I’ll give you back your investment, making this decision SUPER safe (and smart) today!

Sounds more than fair?

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Only $3.00 per LIVE mindset & fitness session!

Registrations closed for now (sorry you missed us) Next launch January 2023

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